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How will you vote in the upcoming European elections? Platforms such as EU Profiler can help you figure out where you stand on the liberal-conservative and Euro-enthusiastic or Euro-sceptic scale, but there’s more to it than that, right?

A recent study conducted by the GfK Polonia research institute in Poland suggests that voting behaviour is still largely dominated by charismatic and well-known personalities. The degree to which candidates employ creative and original campaign methods seem to matter more than the actual details of the party programmes.

We all know that Obama was very talented at this game. He used social media tools to their full potential and managed to extend his personal network of “fans” even further than any showbiz star (except, of course, Ashton Kutcher on Twitter). Many campaigners in Europe are now playing catch-up and the methods are proving to be working quite well – though better for some than others.

Libertas, with its controversial rhetoric, uses the full spectrum of social media tools to its advantage and has managed to create a platform ungoverned by rules on speaking-time and where self-censorship is timid at best. Their webpage is full of 2.0 gadgets and widgets pointing to their Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts (also see Libertas Strikes Back). Yesterday, they claimed to have the most visited webpage of all European parties. But as any geek knows, hits do not equal unique visits, and unique visits do not necessarily equal votes on the big day…

– Agnieszka

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A delight for the French-speakers among us: Newly launched Eurosceptic political group Libertas has turned a Star Wars clip into a political campaign movie now spreading YouTube and Dailymotion. Focused on the French community, Libertas’ movie is attacking the EU Executive over its attempts to regulate cheese and wine. Indeed the European Commission is proposing to regulate the health claims which producers of cheese, butter and cream can make regarding the richness in calcium and vitamins in their products, and is proposing to allow the production of rosé-wine to consist out of simply mixing red and white wine.

In the country of “du vin, du pain and du Boursin” such proposals can not go down well…

– Lieneke

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