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Pirate Party logoSweden, the home of IKEA, Volvo, ABBA, and of course the much publicised Pirate Bay file sharing website, has today seen the underdog in the lead-up to the European Elections, the Pirate Party, become Sweden’s 3rd largest political party. Only the Social Democrats and the Moderate Party have a greater number of followers in the latest polls.

Since the Pirate Bay verdict three weeks ago, the Pirate Party has tripled its ranks and now boasts over 43,000 members. Party leader Rick Falkvinge told TorrentFreak, a blog dedicated to the popular file sharing protocol BitTorrent, that “I’m extremely optimistic. It’s not a question of ‘a’ seat any more. If everybody who is angry with the Pirate Bay verdict goes to vote, we will get at least one seat, and probably more.”

The four men behind the Pirate Bay might have walked the plank, but if Falkvinge gets his way he wants to see them all acquitted on appeal in 2010. It seems these Swedish privateers have their prow pointing firmly towards Brussels. Ahoy!

– Emil

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