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ImageWe hope you had a peaceful Summer and are looking forward to what is sure to be a very busy end to 2012!

In preparation for the annual “Autumn onslaught” – or perhaps to take your mind off it –Grayling Brussels is pleased to present you with its latest edition of Espresso.

In this week’s publication:

On the run from the BRICs;

A preview of the Cypriot Presidency;

How health policy is affected by the financial crisis; and

An interview with Grayling Consultant Charlotte Ryckman.

You can access Espresso here.

Happy reading!

– Rob


As you know the Grayling team are a diverse bunch of people – not only do we come from 15 different countries, we also have various ranges of physical fitness – some of us are fitness fanatics, others like to pick up the bat and ball occasionally, whilst others prefer to sit on the sofa and watch the TV all evening.

But not anymore!

On 2 October we will be running the Brussels mini-marathon in aid of an organisation close to our hearts, the European Network Against Racism Foundation (ENAR).

Since we all hail from different cultures, we want to increase awareness of anti-racism and discrimination in all its forms and – of course – raise as much money as we can!

Given that we will all shortly have to become fitness fanatics (a bigger life change for some than others!) we would love to have your support as we run round Brussels for this worthy cause.

If you click here you can access our sponsorship page from which you can donate as much or as little money as you wish. You can even come and cheer us on during the day itself (and try and identify the couch potatoes among us!)

If you want to know more about the ENAR just let us know – many thanks for your support!

– Rob

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