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RussiaYou might find it hard to believe, but Andriej Bogdanov, Director of the European Integration Centre in Moscow and former presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Russia, declared at the V Forum Europe – Russia in Bucharest that 64% of Russians would like to see their country join the EU.

The result may seem astounding, given the support the Russian people extend to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev who are both keen to preserve the Russian sentiment of a “great empire”. However, the sceptics (as well as the fearful) among you towards such an endeavour should really lose no sleep over this, since Russia will hardly fulfill the conditions of accession.

With 15% inflation, an 8% fall in GDP this year, and a democratic system that has been called into question, Russia’s accession to the EU is set to remain a pipe dream…

– Agnieszka

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