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Mentions of The Lobby…

J Clive Matthews/Nosemonkey’s EUtopia blog, 22 August 2009, EU regionalism on the decline?

Following my recent posts on national vs European identity and regionalism and the EU (as part of a vague attempt to get an idea of the nature and importance of geographical/cultural identity), this may be of interest – Why the end is nigh for regionalism in Europe, from The Lobby.

Public Affairs News, August 2009 edition, On the blogs

Brussels lobbyists tend to depart the Belgian capital ‘en masse’ during August but – the blog run by Grayling’s office in the city – contains a suggestion for those remaining behind. In a post on 22 July entitled ‘A sliver of Rio in the Brussels summer’, senior account manager Rob Francis suggests ‘kicking back and relaxing’ at ‘Bruxelles les Bains’, which is open until 23 August. […] Public Affairs News is already digging out the speedos.

Julien Frisch/Watching Europe blog, 10 July 2009, Getting lulled and distracted: PR strategies in the European Web 2.0

Yesterday, The Lobby, a blog run by the PR agency Grayling (Brussels), lobbied for better strategies of European PR and communication agencies: […]

John Worth/Euroblog, 9 July 2009, Rocking the traditional media boat

This ties in rather neatly with the article “EU lobbying scene not quite ready for next generation PR” from The EU Lobby blog, a blog that’s quickly rivalling Public Affairs 2.0 for good Brussels PR blogging. […] Perhaps they would do well to pay attention to this NY Times article cited by The Lobby, and maybe in London as well as in Brussels some urgent lessons need to be learnt as the economic crisis eats into organisations’ comms budgets.

Public Affairs 2.0 blog, 11 May 2009, Welcome, The Lobby

We welcome another public affairs agency into the blogging world; Grayling EU has launched ‘The Lobby‘. While possibly mistaken for the title of  John Grisham’s next book (if only Brussels were so exciting), we eagerly await The Lobby’s contributions to the Brussels Blog-Bubble.