Just another day at the Lobby – and, it would seem, another EU Summit, at least according to Herman Van Rompuy.

Some people claim to be suffering from Summit fatigue, particularly ever since De Heer Van Rompuy decided to host a Summit every few weeks, or so it seems.

But not The Lobby.  We don’t just like EU Summits, we adore them – we are the Summit equivalents of trainspotters, except we only wear anoraks when it’s really bad weather…

We at Lobby towers love Summits so much we have taken the immense trouble of publishing a snapshot of what was discussed, who said what, how it was reported.  You can thank us later, but first, of course, you have to read it, and to do so all you need to do is click here.

There you are.  We’ve done all your work for you.

If you can’t be bothered to click the link (yes, this link) you are very lazy, but because like any good publishing house, we know our readers, please see below a (very) brief summary:

  • A lot happening on energy;
  • France and Germany trying to get the rest of the Eurozone to agree to some kind of fiscal union – the other members aren’t so keen – it’ll be finalised at March’s Summit (The Lobby says: hmm, not so sure about that one)
  • Member States can’t agree on Egypt – obviously they all want democracy, that’s the easy bit.  But should Mubarak be involved?  If so how?  And where does this leave the EU’s foreign policy?
  • And innovation – researchers, SMEs, a golden future awaits you!

That’s that.  But of course, it would be better if you read our update.  Which you can access here.

Still not clicked it?  OK one last time – here!

Happy reading!

– Rob