Greetings and Happy New Year! (Can we still wish people Happy New Year on 19 January? Oh well, who cares!)

Apologies for the rather long Lobby hiatus.  It’s been a very busy few months, culminating in an exciting office move of 100 metres which now sees us sitting above the junction of Avenue des Arts and Rue Belliard.

The Lobby has never seen so many cars whizz by its office window, yet paradoxically the number of crashes appears to have decreased from that of our former base on the Rue du Luxembourg.  (Fewer buses, taxis, cyclists – who knows?)

Not only has this first post of 2011 been a rather sly way of informing you about our move, we would also like to champion our rather marvellous Grayling Update on the Hungarian Presidency, written largely by The Lobby and our friends at Grayling Hungary.  You can view it in all it’s glory here.

We hope you enjoy reading it and that it gives you some food for thought (Hungary – geddit!) for the coming six months.

Like its Central European neighbour the Czech Republic, the Hungarian Presidency has got off to a rather rough start, with EU Member States criticising its recently adopted media law.

The Lobby’s understanding of both the intricacies of media law and the Hungarian language being somewhat limited (the law has only just been translated), we dare not comment on this – merely recall that the Czechs got off to a bad start a few years ago and never recovered.  We hope the Hungarians don’t go the same way.

That’s all – happy reading!  And it’s good to be back…

– Rob