Twitter is expanding at a meteoric rate. Not having a Facebook account is highly unusual today among under 30s (and above). Corporate business cards include Skype usernames. Recruitment happens on LinkedIn. Digital ad infinitum….

But what about actually speaking to colleagues, friends and family, face-to-face? Now that’s a novel idea.

This afternoon I ‘spoke’ to a colleague in the US by LinkedIn inMail. I ‘informed’ a group of journalists regarding a digital initiative by sending them a Facebook group message. My inbox welcomed close to 300 emails during the course of the day. I sent a friend an MMS. I ‘discussed’ the content of an email to a client with my Bulgarian colleague on Skype chat…she sits next to me, about one metre and a half away.

'Speaking' to my colleague

That’s when it hit me, just as Stephen Hawking thinks it perfectly rational to believe in aliens (yet he thinks we should not reach out to to them, apparently things could turn sour!), I find it completely irrational that the more technology we invite into our daily lives, the less we seem to actually speak to each other.

Is technology stripping us of good old fashioned human interaction, do we lend it too much credence? I say –  try meeting up with friends, skip the conference call and have lunch instead, have breakfast, share a coffee etc. Trust me, it’s worth it.

– Emil

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