CANCELLED – this word is currently written on the departure and arrival screens of most airports across Europe following the closing of air traffic since last Thursday. Thank you Eyjafjallajökull!

No, not the name of a hero in Lord of the Rings, Episode IV, but the name of the Icelandic volcano currently creating chaos in the European sky.

In addition to ruining thousands of holiday and business trips (I might soon join the crowd of frustrated travellers), the ash cloud in the atmosphere also threatens EU’s own institutional habits.

Yesterday, the EU Fisheries Council was cancelled and the Transport Council was held via conference call. MEPs almost had their Strasbourg week cancelled, and although it is finally taking place, all voting procedures have been pushed back until May (as expected, this has provoked another run of arguments against the Strasbourg seat).

The Lobby hopes the whims of Eyjafjallajökull will not have too much consequence on Iceland’s EU bid and that EU leaders will be more indulgent than this young Scottish traveller (see below).

– Denis

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