The reluctance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to help Greece has tarnished the image of Germany and Germans in the country of Aristotle, Plato, and feta cheese.

The coverage given by the German press regarding the need for an EU rescue plan for Greece has not improved relations between the two Eurozone Member States -witness the front page of the German magazine Focus in February which showed the famous Venus di Milo making an obscene gesture.

According to a poll published on 25 March by the Kappa Research Institute which questioned Greek citizens about their views on Germany, only 28.8% replied positively, which is very low when compared to the 78.4% recorded five years ago for a similar poll.

The German low cost airline Air Berlin recently announced that the company had noted a significant drop in the number of reservations for Greece, and on this evidence it seems that the crisis has created a real gap between the two countries and their populations.

Let’s hope that the agreement on an EU plan to help Greece, reached yesterday at the European Summit, will serve to reconcile our Greek and German friends.

– Denis

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