Or at least this is what I expected.  Imagine my surprise however when none other than European Commission President José Manuel Barroso came out on top by a country mile.  He managed to rack up a stunning 62% of the vote, leaving everybody’s favourite “damp rag”, Council President Herman Van Rompuy, trailing in second place with a meagre 10%.

Buzek glum-faced at finishing 4th in The Lobby powerpoll (Credit © European Parliament - Audiovisual Unit)

Parliament President Jerzy Buzek picked up a paltry 2%, whilst the EU’s new foreign policy supremo Baroness Catherine Ashton and arch-eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage both trailed with a disappointing 0% – the latter therefore proving to be an even damper rag than the current Council President!

15% of you opted for the mysterious “other” category, which we can now reveal included such venerable statesmen and women as Angela Merkel (4 votes), Goldman Sachs (they might rule Wall Street, but clearly not Brussels), Mickey Mouse, and Sarkel (we see what you’ve done there, well done…).

So what has this told us?  Well, first and foremost, that Barroso is the king in his own backyard.  Having been around in Brussels, and specifically the EU scene, for years longer than either Van Rompuy and Ashton, he has consolidated his power base and now looks set to dominate Brussels for the years to come.  At least this is the perception, but, as a wise-man once said (and still says), perception is reality…

All of which leaves President Van Rompuy and particularly Baroness Ashton with much work to do to stamp their mark on the Brussels political scene.  Will a poll twelve months from now give us the same result?  Mr Barroso may be hoping so.

– Rob

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