Panic at the pumps! (image via, Gas by Peter Griffin)

Over the last week, French citizens have experienced long queues for fuel at petrol stations across the country. This follows an announcement made by Total, the French oil company, concerning plans to close a refinery in Dunkirk, which led to Total’s workers deciding to go on an unlimited strike to protest in solidarity with the workers of Dunkirk.

Since then, French drivers, fearing a petrol shortage, have been dashing to the petrol stations, leading to endless queues, creating scenes similar to that of the two worldwide oil crises back in the 1970s.

Then, the story took on a national dimension when President Sarkozy invited Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total, to the Elysée Palace to discuss the future of Dunkirk’s refinery.

In all honesty the scenario of a shortage is unlikely to happen as all trade unions, with the exception of one, called yesterday for the end of the strike after Total announced that activity will be maintained in Dunkirk for the next 5 years.

Once again, Europe’s TOTAL dependence on petrol is there for all to see!

– Denis

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