President Obama will be unable to attend an EU-US Summit meeting set to take place in Madrid in May, due to a scheduling misunderstanding.

As a result of Obama’s absence, the summit will be postponed until the autumn.

The New York Times describes Europe’s feelings as ‘insulted’, ‘taken for granted’, ‘losing importance in American eyes’, and the Spanish prime minister, José Luis Zapatero was described as ‘angry and embarrassed’ when he learned the news. . .

Good ol’ Jose Manuel Barroso seems to be the only cool-headed man in the mix, as he calmly told the press that he understands completely, and that both parties can work to find a mutually agreeable time.

So my questions are two-fold: why does the Summit hinge upon Obama’s attendance, and why the hard feelings?! We’ve all double booked a party (summit?!) at one time or another. Let’s not be so hard on him.

– Victoria

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