Did you notice that this past Monday was particularly difficult?  Did you struggle to get out of bed or to stay motivated throughout the day?

Apparently, you were not alone.  Monday the 18th of January was ‘Blue Monday’, which is according to psychologists the most depressing day of the year.    It would seem that the combination of cold weather, debt from the holiday period, no sign of vacation in the near future and many other little factors add up to push many people over the edge.

Even if ‘Blue Monday’ is now over, The Lobby can’t help but think that the elements that make ‘Blue Monday’ blue haven’t just disappeared.  But is there anything to do about it?

How about moving onto Tuesday… or Fat Tuesday to be more precise?   New Orleans , the “City That Care Forgot” clearly gets it right by celebrating Mardi Gras and the Carnival season, which kicks off at Epiphany (January 6) and rolls on until Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, the last day to celebrate before the period of fasting known as Lent.  The Carnival season can last up to 4 weeks depending on the religious calendar!   During this time, New Orleanians and tourists alike “Let the Good Times Roll” by partying, dressing up in costume, and watching parades.  By the time Mardi Gras is over, spring is almost here…

It seems that the rest of us clearly didn’t get the memo on how to beat the winter doldrums!  Anyone else up for a Mardi Gras Party – New Orleans style? Only 26 days left to party…

– Jessica with special guest Ms Dinsdale

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