Let's have a look at your inbox, just because I can! (Woman with magnifying glass by Peter Kratochvil via PublicDomainPictures.net)

On Monday, Lifehacker reported [via Gawker, via The Rumpus] that you really shouldn’t trust facebook with your private data. This latest claim, while not surprising, is based on an anonymous interview with a facebook employee who has spilt the beans on privacy inside the Stanford Research Park-based company. This is what makes this revelation just that little bit more interesting.

The woman, who according to the interview still works at facebook, has divulged information about a ‘master password’, for instance, which allows any facebook employee to unlock any user account, giving them full access to your photos, your wall, and your private inbox with all the implied repercussions.

“When I first started working there yes. I used it to view other people’s profiles which I didn’t have permission to visit”, says the anonymous employee in the interview. The use of the master password has since this summer been discouraged, but it might still exist. Apparently it was something along the lines of ‘Chuck Norris’ combined with a slew of upper and lower case symbols and numbers. facebook has created a Chief Officer position for privacy issues – Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly – who interestingly is running for Attorney General of California.

Meanwhile, facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ruffled a few feathers last Friday when he proclaimed during the 2009 Crunchies Awards ceremonies that privacy is becoming less important to online users…

We’re not so sure…

– Emil

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