Building bridges for a better debate (Under the Bridge by Andrea Schafthuizen, via

There exists a vacuum in Brussels. A void that could and (should?) be filled by so called first-party bloggers. First-party bloggers are, in this case, the people who have the acumen and potential of serving as bridges between the many industry players and NGOs active in Brussels.

To be honest, industries and NGOs in Brussels are presently not really talking to each other – rather they are talking at each other, or indirectly to each other via various EU fora. Taking a more concrete example, looking at the posts on Greenpeace’s Climate blog ahead of Copenhagen I see quite a few comments – but none from industry, at least not explicitly stated as such. And where are the industry blogs? Sure, there are a few – but far from enough.

More industry and NGO blogs coupled with a few passionate (and independent!) first-party bloggers building bridges between the two communities could quite possibly lead to greater transparency and a more fruitful debate on critical issues such as climate change.

Any structural engineers keen to take on the challenge?

– Emil

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