It’s noon, hunger pangs start to draw your attention away from your work and you begin to ponder what to eat for lunch… if you are like The Lobby, your day suddenly takes an almost depressing downturn as you think of the options available – the sandwich shop you’ve been to a million times, the mediocre pasta joint around the corner… all in all, not very enticing possibilities.

Fortunately for you (and for us), The Lobby has stumbled upon an alternative dining option that blows the other places out of the water.  While Italian is by no means a rarity in the EU quarter, Amor Amor, a tiny hole in the wall, on Rue de Trône 59, offers a welcome change to the usual hustle and bustle.

With only five or six tables, a chef and a waiter, Amor Amor does not cater to the masses, but rather offers freshly cooked pasta and meat dishes, with the specials presented to customers on a single black chalkboard on the wall.  Of course, with such a small staff (and kitchen), speed is not the order of the day – be prepared to wait, but we promise that once the food comes you will forget that you had to wait!

Our favourites include the Penne with Artichoke and Scampi …

So next time you wonder what to have for lunch make sure you try Amor Amor, but call ahead to make sure there is still space – it fills up quickly!

– Jessica

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