You get up in the morning and drive to work. After work you drive to the supermarket to buy some food and maybe you will take your car out again later for a visit to a friend.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the Dutch Government will be following this every move. A new and very innovative Road Pricing Scheme will be introduced in 2012 and is expected to reduce the costs for 59% of all drivers. So logically, around 60% of all drivers should greatly favour this new scheme. Notwithstanding the fact of course that the satellites connected to the device installed in your car will be able to monitor where you are going and when…

In addition, there is little doubt that the police will also be given access to this data. After all, knowing exactly where citizens are is in the interests of state safety and the citizens themselves. Isn’t it?

The obligation for European citizens to have their fingerprints in their passports and identity cards has, in the country’s aspirations to be a leader in this area, already been implemented by the Netherlands in September of this year.

As the only EU Member State to do this so far, the Netherlands is storing all this data in a central national database which can be consulted by the Public Prosecutor. Nonetheless, the protection of this database cannot, as the Government has admitted, be 100% guaranteed. But hey, that is just a detail. Right?

The main aim of storing all these fingerprints is to combat identity-fraud, terrorism, and illegal immigration. But would it really make you feel comfortable knowing that all your data is stored in one large database? Getting access to this giant database of data which we are creating in the Netherlands will no doubt be a new “holy grail” for hackers, terrorists, and criminals. If it really is in the interests of the people that their fingerprints are stored, should they not be able to decide for themselves whether or not their fingerprint scans are put on a database?

Taking these big-brother aspirations of the Dutch into consideration, The Lobby’s Dutch contingent is hoping that they will not be putting forward a Commissioner for the portfolio of Justice and Home Affairs!

– Lieneke

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