With only 2 months left of the Swedish EU Presidency and winter already closing in on Sweden, The Lobby thought it would be fitting to mark the coming 20th anniversary of the world’s largest ice hotel – the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel.

Many have heard about it, few have been and the place actually only exists for about five months a year. But if you happen to be in Sweden in late December to mid April, pop up to the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel, it’s just above the arctic circle. Check-in to an ice-room, have a drink in the ice-bar, watch the sky at night in the hope of enjoying the Northern Lights (It’s amazing! –ed (though better in Finland – Ed ed)), and discover what darkness actually means. What’s more, the Ice Hotel has taken the carbon footprint concept to the extreme since they plan to be CO2 negative (!) by 2015.

If that’s not cool enough, wait another year or two. Ice Hotel Travel, the travel agency that’s linked to the Ice Hotel, has teamed up with Virgin Galactic, and space tourism is set to take off from Space Port Sweden starting in 2012, courtesy of Richard Branson.

You see, there is actually more to Sweden than meatballs and IKEA.

– Emil

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