Human rights take another beating this week in the village of Ostrovany, in the Eastern region of Slovakia.

In order to prevent the town’s Roma inhabitants from stealing fruits and vegetables from Slovak villagers’ gardens, a large wall has been built around the entire Roma community. The wall cost €13,000, is 150-metre-long, and is intended to isolate the Roma community from the Slovak population of the village. The Slovak inhabitants have welcomed this form of “protection” from their neighbours, although it seems to the Lobby to be a fairly ineffective way of preventing theft.

This is not the first instance of such a discriminatory act between Slovaks and Roma in Eastern Slovakia. The equivalent would not go unnoticed in France or the UK, but no EU media has picked up on the story yet. Media aside, the EU itself has made no statement to acknowledge the new wall.

These types of conflicts have been going on for years in Slovakia, and without recognition from the EU, the Lobby deplorably believes that they will continue to do so for the forseeable future.


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