Yes? Good. So do some of us at The Lobby, and we thought we should share a little known (?) secret with you. Namely the RestoPass, available in – hold on to your hats – Brussels and Singapore!

The idea is as simple and clean as a well prepared gazpacho; buy the pass for €35 (at Fnac, Filigranes, Sterling Books and Waterstones for instance) and get 30% off the bill at each first visit in each of the 30 selected restaurants all across Brussels. Yes, the offer is for the whole table! If you do the maths this pass is worth €1500 in total…

The 30 selected restaurants include classics such as Belgo-Belge, Asian gems such as Blue Elephant and Le IIème Element, and more trendy spots such as Rouge Tomate, Sépia, La Quincaillerie, Cospaia and La Manufacture.

If you’re into food and restaurants, this is the pass to get.

– Emil

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