The British press criticised the Cabinet Office yesterday claiming it would waste public money by hiring a “twittercrat”, or a Deputy Director of Digital Engagement.

Not at all, Downing Street replied, the job advert in question is for a “Deputy Director of Digital Communications”. The Cabinet Office goes on to claim it is not a waste of money since the use of social media by the government, such as the Prime Minister’s Twitter Blog, is very much based on public demand.

The Lobby did not demand, however, but despite the personal interests behind politicans’ use of social media, it considers any effort to get closer to the people, or rather sectors of the population, very welcome.

Getting closer to the citizens is also something of an obsession in Brussels! The tweets are starting to come thick and fast from everywhere; the Parliament, the Commission’s DGs, the Presidency

It’s difficult to say how effective this will be in “connecting” with the European citizens, but at least it will give a comforting feeling to those who tweet that they did something which went beyond their ivory tower.

– Talander

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