I am sure that those of you who were here last Friday will find it hard to believe that the sun is out once again here in Brussels. On Friday evening The Lobby had just arrived at the ‘Apéros Urbains’, but for a moment we thought we’d arrived on the set of a horror movie.

Panic at Apéros Urbains

Panic at Apéros Urbains

Out of the blue (or grey rather!) an enormous rainstorm unleashed itself on us – one of those real deluges where you get soaked instantly – causing people to run out of the park, pushing and shoving each other and yelling “Aaaaah, laissez-moi passer!”

Goodness knows what happened to the Roller Parade!

Let’s hope the ‘Apéro Urbains’ will get a chance to bring some proper closure to the summer season in a less traumatic way this Friday in the Bois de la Cambre. But don’t forget to bring your umbrellas!

– Lieneke

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