Inside Bacchus' palace (image via Oeno tk website)

Inside Bacchus' palace (image via Oeno tk website)

Next time you are strolling along Rue du Bailli follow it to the end where you will be faced with the impressive Sainte Trinité Church. The church is in itself a sight worthy of a visit, but what is hiding behind it, on Rue Africaine 29-31, is probably Brussels’ finest wine offering.

The Oeno tk, is a small, very welcoming, wine bar with a fabulous selection of wines, ranging from the lesser known and affordable (try the Trentham, 100% petit verdot, from Australia) to the better known and less affordable (enjoy a bottle of Cristal champagne on the terrace).

What is so refreshing about the Oeno tk is that it is not snobby, since it seems the owner, Greg, from the start took the line that wine is for everyone’s enjoyment, not just wine connoisseurs. If you don’t know anything about wine, just ask! Greg and his colleagues will help you find a wine that is good for you, both in taste and price. There is also a plethora of nice cheeses (The Lobby can particularly recommend the fresh cheese with truffle oil!) and cold cuts to nibble on while enjoying your wine, be it red, white, sparkling or rosé.

And there’s more! The Oeno tk can also host your wine tasting evenings, complete with a very knowledgeable sommelier who will tell you all you need to know about the wine you are drinking. The Lobby organised a blind wine tasting last year at the Oeno tk, which was based around the idea of pitting four ‘new world’ wines against four ‘old world’ wines – it was an absolute success, well worth organising, and very much appreciated by the 16 participants.

A word of warning however – if for some reason you are lucky enough to be allowed to stay after hours with Greg, his staff, and friends, be prepared for a serious assault on your taste buds, as some pretty fantastic bottles can be uncorked…

– Emil

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