Yesterday’s purchase of FriendFeed by Facebook may well have opened the first episode of a new war on internet search engines. How come?

Today, Google is known to be the premier search engine of the web. Whatever you may be looking for on the web, chances are that you will ‘google it’.Facebook acquires FriendFeed

The development of micro-blogging and other social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, have given value to a new, non-conventional type of information which is produced on the spot by internet users. This ‘real-time information’ is shared instantly to the millions other users who are connected through the network of the platform.

Twitter has managed to sort the flow of information through a search engine which allows users to read instantly what is said on a specific issue. But FriendFeed goes one step further. It proposes a service which aggregates online feeds of content that the user and his friends have shared on other collaborative sites such as facebook, flickr, you tube, twitter, etc. FriendFeed’s search engine therefore looks for real-time information on all the networks on which users share content – basically it allows you to know what is happening right now on any given subject (the outcome of a vote in a parliamentary Committee for instance!)

And there seems to lie the bright and successful future. As Ben Parr, Associate Editor of the blog Mashable, comments: ‘with this acquisition, Facebook is gunning directly not only at Twitter, but at Google. This is a warning shot to those two companies’. Who will triumph in the war of the social platforms?

– Maxime