A few weeks ago The Lobby stumbled upon a few articles about a new military robotics project developed by DARPA – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – a robot that lives of off organic matter, both plant and animal. Emphasis is placed on organic matter.

DARPA is part of the US Department of Defense and its mission is “to maintain the technological superiority of the U.S. military and prevent technological surprise from harming our national security. We also create technological surprise for our adversaries”. The Lobby can’t deny that a flesh-eating robot should do the trick of surprising the US’ adversaries on the battlefield. As pointed out on Gizmodo.com, the main source of fuel for this new robot would probably be foliage, but the fact that the EATR – Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot – will be equipped with “claws” and a “chain saw” makes us worry a bit – just a bit, mind.

Across the Pacific more scary developments are afoot. The Ishikawa Komuro laboratory at the University of Tokyo has developed high-speed robots that clearly  outperform humans in terms of precision and speed (see video below). Couple these Japanese bad boys with the US’ EATR robot, throw in some self-aware artificial intelligence – and humans could well be done for!

No, don’t worry, we’re just exaggerating a little. (But then again…have you been to the movies lately? Check out ‘Terminator: Salvation’)

– Emil

[via The Guardian and Gizmodo]

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