4 August 2009, Mi Tango restaurant - can you spot The Lobby in this photo?

4 August 2009, Mi Tango restaurant - can you spot The Lobby in this photo?

If you are looking for a nice restaurant and have grown tired with the crowd of the city centre, Place du Luxembourg, or Place St. Boniface, The Lobby can wholeheartedly recommend you to make a little detour to the Argentinean Restaurant Mi Tango on Rue du Spa.

As soon as the sun breaks up the clouds above the Brussels skyline, they move all their furniture outside and the well-humoured staff will serve your table with that oh-so relaxed South American vibe.

The meat is imported from Argentina, known for its tender and succulent meat often hung for months, the secret to which are the vast rolling fields in which the cows roam freely. Just like in Argentina, the meat comes straight from the “asado” (barbecue) and is served with Chimichurri, a delicious herb sauce used both as a marinade and as a dressing sauce. Mi Tango also has an excellent wine selection (try the Malbec!), and for non-meat lovers they serve fabulous stuffed pastas and salads.

Apart from the quality food, what Mi Tango has which so many other restaurants in Brussels don’t is a warm welcome. The staff enjoy making you feel at home and genuinely care about the food they serve. They will vacate nearby tables in order for you to sit more comfortably without you even having to ask for it. And if you are unable to finish your plate and ask for a doggy-bag, you will not be confronted with the rolling eyes you get in so many other Brussels restaurants. (Really, what happened to “le client est roi”?).

Yesterday, whilst the Lobby was soaking up the sun, our waiter slipped and one of the dishes fell on the floor. After a wry smile, our order went back to the kitchen where they started again from scratch, and we were compensated for the extra waiting time with some delicious bruscetta offered by the house. To finish your dinner in style, try the excellent homemade tiramisu (big enough for two in the event of a romantic dinner) or with some traditional Argentinean Dulce de Leche pancakes. You could be forgiven for thinking you were having dinner in a Buenos Aires barrio…!

– Lieneke

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