Belgian media reported today that 12 more streets surrounding the Grand Place will be closed to cars by the end of this year, thereby making the historic city centre completely car free! Perhaps the mass installation of rental bikes, or Villos, all around the city should have alerted us that change was in the air?

While The Lobby is excited about the rise of this new and greener transport option, we were astonished to see that several stations were installed, removed and installed again. At first the Lobby thought that someone had paid attention, and was replacing the units to ensure credit cards access – yet, on closer investigation we found that it is still impossible to rent a bike at some of the cities’ most touristy thoroughfares (!)  Another example of a Belgian-ism?

Anyway, we here at The Lobby love the few days a year that Brussels is completely car free – people get out, run, skate or bike taking over the streets with large grins, citizens taking back their city. Let’s hope this move will bring a little more joy to Brussels or at least to those who already have a Villo pass…

– Lieneke

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