So you wanted to celebrate Bastille Day but you missed the annual 14 July military parade on the Champs Elysées in Paris and President Sarkozy forgot to invite you to the select garden party at the Elysée Palace – don’t stress out, you have everything you need here in Belgium!

Yesterday, you might have enjoyed a nice glass of Côtes du Rhône with a slice of camembert at the little market in front of the outstanding city hall of St Gilles. The municipality decided that a mass tasting of French wines and cheeses would be an original way to celebrate French national day.

But if you really want to soak up the atmosphere of a real Bastille Day event, you better go to Liège where the 14 July is celebrated every year since 1919 when the city was granted the Légion d’Honneur for its heroics during the Great War.

In the cité ardente you will enjoy a small military parade with veterans’ commemorations in the morning, a reception-lunch in the City Hall, and a free concert.

In the evening, DJ Sunshine Rhythm (who? Ed.) will make you “shake your body” at the Bastille Night. If you’re with kids don’t forget to take them to the 20-minute firework show at 10.30pm on Place des Congrès. Do you know the lyrics of La Marseillaise by heart? You better!

– Denis

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