Have you seen my Ray Bans?

Have you seen my Ray Bans?

Although the Dutch Government has just bought enough vaccines to protect its entire population from swine flu, politicians may be regretting that there are still some unwelcome elements from which you can’t protect yourself.

After a massive expenses scandal led to an exodus of ministers and high ranking politicians in the UK, the Netherlands now appears to be following suit. Finance Minister Wouter Bos, still recovering from his Labour party’s drubbing in the European elections when they lost 4 of its 7 seats, appears to have billed to the taxpayer his lost Ray Ban sunglasses, worth €113.

Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings, a Christian Democrat, has included on his expenses form his stay at the expensive Kurhaus hotel during the renovation of his official residence.

Compared with UK politicians’ expenses, the revelations across the North Sea seem quite innocent for the moment, but with Dutch politicians’ credit card expenses about to be made public, more revelations are sure to follow!

– Lieneke

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