Who would have thought that Greenpeace had a sense of humour? Well, it looks like the green NGO has taken time off from direct action to come up with a very amusing and effective communication campaign.

In conjunction with the International Herald Tribune (IHT), Greenpeace has published a special version of the IHT, dated Saturday 19th December 2009, the day after the conclusion of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. The edition, 50,000 copies of which have been distributed in major capital cities, is a wish list for positive agreements they would like reached at the crucial summit.

It seems to show there’s no need to barricade buildings to get your point across, as we certainly took greater notice of today’s (19/12/09?) IHT than other Greenpeace publicity stunts.

Indeed The Lobby’s funny bone was particularly tickled by the BP advert on the backpage.

N.B. It appears no chemicals, GMOs, forests or nanotechnologies were harmed in the publication of this edition of the IHT.

– Michael

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