Commission President Barroso with the Kokob Team

Commission President Barroso with the Kokob Team

If you’ve never experienced the spicy joy of eating Ethiopian food, then Kokob is the place to go. Kokob is an Ethiopian restaurant on 10 Rue des Grands Carmes with great atmosphere and very welcoming staff. Food is served in the traditional Ethiopian way; in the middle of the table on one big platter. You use your hands to make small parcels of meat and vegetables using ‘injera’ a type of crêpe-like bread, and while you’re at it you should try some ‘tedj’ – Ethiopian honey wine.

The menu features all of the classics you would find in Addis Ababa; doro wot (chicken, egg and berbere spice), begh tibs (lamb with onions, tomatoes and green peppers), ketfo (Ethiopian-style steak tartar), and shiro wot (pea flour and shallots with berbere spice) to name but a few. Yes, it’s different and yes eating with your hands can get a bit messy for the uninitiated – but it is fun, tasty, and you get to experience a truly aromatic cuisine. Having spent time in Ethiopia the Lobby can entirely vouch for the quality and authenticity of the food.

You still need convincing? Well, Commission President Barroso has already given his stamp of approval to Kokob…

Now, go, pick up the phone, and book a table!

– Emil

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