A French Farmer Activist. For those of you who are not French, this may sound like tautology, but the French farmer activist who The Lobby would like to draw your attention to is the controversial José Bové, elected in France on the green ticket. No doubt he shares most of the political beliefs of the other Green MEPs – anti ‘malbouffe’ (junk food), anti-GMOs, anti-nuclear, pro consumers, pro organic, pro environment. But away from ‘HOME’ one wonders if José will not feel like a fish out of water sitting in the European Parliament!

Firstly, Monsieur Bové is no great EU supporter, as proved by his campaign for the “No” vote in the French referendum on the EU Constitution in 2005. What’s more, he is the “salt of the earth”, a man ready to fight – literally! – for his convictions. His track record is impressive: deported by the Israeli police for leading a protest in the West Bank, a former member of the anarchist organisation Alternative Libertaire, sentenced for having destroyed documents belonging to the French Army, sentenced for the destruction of several transgenic plants, and declared “ineligible” to enter the US as a result of being prosecuted for “moral crimes”.

But the most famous event which brought Monsieur Bové to everyone’s attention was the dismantling of a McDonald’s franchise in 1999. So who knows what will happen to the Parliament now that Brussels is his new playground!

– Delphine

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