Voting in the EU elections began yesterday, with the UK and the Netherlands first out of the blocks.  Voting takes place on the traditional day of voting in the country, hence different countries vote on different days.  This of course means that the UK and Netherlands will have to wait for three full days before the results are announced (will the UK still have a government by then?)

Voting in the UK – at least for the EU elections – has always been a ridiculously low-key affair, and this year was no exception.  You had to dig a little to get the latest news in the national newspapers, though one story courtesy of the BBC told how some ballot papers had apparently been difficult to unfold, thereby obscuring the parties at the bottom of the list – including everyone’s favourite eurosceptics, UKIP.  Never one to shy away from publicity, the party are said to be considering a legal challenge.

Apart from that, the headlines in the UK are currently revolving around Cabinet Ministers resigning amid rumours that Gordon Brown’s position as leader is about to be made untenable.  The election results may provide his detractors with another excuse to lambast the man who had to wait 10 years to become Prime Minister, only to fail miserably once given the chance.

– Rob

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