Brussels Airport has decided to follow in the UK’s footsteps and make passengers remove their shoes as they go through security.  All well and good, you may think, though perhaps a bit smelly – until, that is, you find yourself rushing to catch a plane only to run quite literally into the back of a scrum of people, all of whom are waiting to go through the detectors.

It would seem the airport had introduced this extra measure without taking into account the added time required for people to unlace their shoes, unbuckle their boots, and slip off their sandals – causing unprecedented chaos and a lengthy queue stretching down the walkway.

The Lobby has now witnessed this furore twice in two weeks, and no improvement has been made in the intervening time.   On returning from holiday a few weeks ago – oh how we laughed! – as we passed the masses patiently waiting in line, whilst we walked on and out of the airport, having just arrived ourselves.

A week later and the smiles were wiped off our faces, as on leaving Brussels we found ourselves on the opposite side of the cordon and faced with a 30 minutes wait and the stench of smelly feet.  No organisation whatsoever from the authorities, but plenty of patience from all the passengers – the sort of event that reignites your hope for humanity.  Alas, the same cannot be said for the organisation skills of the airport authorities.

– Rob

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