Political parties across Europe have decided to use all and any tactics to rally voter support in what is predicted to be an election with a record-low turnout. The latest weapon of choice is not new; Hollywood and Bollywood have used it for years; authors resort to it; marketers love it; mammals do it for procreation – yep, you guessed it, it’s all about sex.

France seems to have the ‘hottest’ and most risqué campaign in the EU. It all started with the ‘Union pour un Mouvement Populaire’ (UMP) electoral tour during which 20,000 condoms were distributed throughout France using the slogan “Europe protects you”. Then the young socialists took it one step further by posting a video entitled “Let’s make Europe vibrate” linking the EU to sexual performance. Oh my!

The French European Youth Parliament (EJP) distributed 70,000 flyers inviting voters represented in underwear to choose, ‘bend’ and submit their MEPs to ‘their lust and desires’. The flyers also feature leather whips and fluffy handcuffs…

EJP Flyer_wide

Sexy EJP election flyers

But it’s not just the French, the German Socialists had their election slogan screamed out by a couple having sex and the Dutch Greens are distributing condoms with “I want a European community” written on them.

Let’s hope, for the sake of all these parties that this sexy campaign will act as a natural aphrodisiac and that voters will not suffer from a lack of election-libido.

– Denis

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