As their election campaign hots up, the European socialists are trying to exploit the fact that, at the June European Parliament elections, an exceptionally large number of weird and controversial candidates are being put forward. A selection of the 12 “most terrible” potential MEPs has been put together, although one could argue that this list is by far not exhaustive enough! At the very least, the Socialists are right in attacking the fact that a number of candidates to the June elections are by no means planning to take up a seat in Brussels (i.e. Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi), a practice which the Parliament may actually want to consider forbidding for the next elections.

However, this new initiative may risk backfiring since, to be honest, it is a little below the belt. For the party which is currently the second biggest party in the European Parliament and has some very positive predictions as far as the polls are concerned, one might wonder why they are resorting to such tactics?

– Lieneke

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