Pirat Partiet

Pirate Party

Ellen Söderberg is only 18 years old and is still in high school.

She’s also a pirate…

Ellen is an MEP candidate for the Swedish Pirate Party, the second most popular party in Sweden among voters aged 18-29 years. In an interview with The Local she says she hopes “to get a more open EU Parliament, to speak about integrity, surveillance and piracy. Knowledge is a right as a human. I want knowledge and culture to be free”.

Despite being presently predicted to gain up to two seats in the European Parliament the Swedish Pirate Party still has an uphill struggle ahead of them. They might have the election’s youngest candidate on their side, as well as up to 6% of Swedish voters backing them, but the key for a party that has so much young support, is to make sure theses youngster actually cast their votes on the big day.

Perhaps Ellen’s aspirations and young age will motivate other young voters?

– Emil

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