Today, the European elections went digital in Estonia. For the first time, citizens in the country could vote in the EU elections over the internet (electronic voting was also used in Estonia’s most recent national elections).

An online voting procedure is facilitated by a chip-equipped ID card and will be accessible until 3rd June. It is indeed a modern and convenient way for citizens to exercise their rights with no need to go to the polls, since all you need to do is to click around. What is more, voters can change their choice and vote again, both electronically and traditionally, by visiting a polling station.

It is believed that electronic voting can increase constantly declining voter turnout and will be especially attractive for young people. Since opening today at 9am, more than 5988 (at the time of writing) Estonians clicked for their candidates.  It remains to be seen whether the system will be successful and spread to the rest of the EU by the next elections.

– Maria

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