Latest news from Denmark courtesy of the EU Observer suggests that, in order to boost turnout in the upcoming elections, Danes will at the same time be able to vote in a referendum on the country’s tradition of Royal succession that would allow men and women to have equal status within the Royal line.

Now, far be it from the The Lobby to be negative about the EU elections, but what has Danish succession got to do with the European Parliament?  Once the voting is over, is this not another opportunity for the powers-that-be in Brussels to laud the “surprisingly high turnout” from a traditionally eurosceptic country?

In the same way that the average turnout in EU elections is calculated to include those strange countries where voting is actually obligatory (Belgium and Luxembourg), is this yet another example of skewing the figures artificially upwards?

Low turnout in EU elections sends an important message to the political classes.  Lumping in EU elections with an emotive national issue is bound to send the wrong signal to Brussels, even if the signal might be more easily digestible than the reality on the ground.

– Rob

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