Revolution is in the air in the UK.  Simmering discontent with the political scene has finally boiled over into downright outrage over the levels of UK MPs’ expenses.  We’re not just talking about the odd cab ride home – expenses have been claimed for mortgages that had already been repaid, televisions, tree surgery, and dodgy second homes.  Some expense claims run into tens of thousands of pounds – and that’s just for the upkeep of a garden.

The BBC’s weekly show Question Time, during which MPs and commentators are grilled by a studio audience, was wholly given up to the “expense claims” issue, with panel members struggling to respond to emotional tirades from self-titled “hardworking people” who are faced with the biggest recession in decades.

Quite how this general discontent with politics will play out in the EU elections remains unclear, but a late surge in turnout could lead to marginal parties, such as the racist British National Party (BCP), having a field day.  Those Eurocrats hoping for a high turnout in early June may have to be careful what they wish for.

– Rob

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