It was no brilliant prophecy to predict that the internet and social media tools would play a major role in this year’s European elections. Content sharing platforms have indeed become surrogate battle fields where political parties and candidates from all countries square off. And video clips are their preferred Weapon of Mass Communication.

The EU video campaign is essentially a war of emotional creativity, with a final objective common to all parties – to get the video going ‘viral’ and spread it as much as possible through the web. Fraternity feelings, political controversy, fun, and coolness are key rating criteria.

Viral campaigning videos have sparked all sorts of controversies throughout the different Member States, potentially initiating debates on Europe (the last one was spread by the European Commission’s spot “20 Years of Liberty” which features a series of historical inaccuracies about Poland) but also on the increasing importance of understanding and using internet media.

– Maxime

See Commission clip “20 Years of Liberty”

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