Hidden away on 83 Rue de Trône is a tiny sushi restaurant with only three seats called ‘La Belle de Jour’. You could easily miss it walking down the street as the exterior façade is rather discreet and unpretentious, but that would be a mistake as the sushi is absolutely brilliant!

It’s mostly a take away place for obvious reasons but once in a while you see a couple or colleagues enjoying lunch together. The menu is almost exclusively composed of sushi and sashimi of very high quality. Being quite the sushi fan, with Tokyo experience, I can vouch for the quality of the food as being top-notch. A dish we can really recommend is Chirashizushi, it’s basically pure pleasure in a bowl, well worth trying.

Whether the name is somehow connected the 1967 film starring Catherine Deneuve called “Belle de jour” remains a mystery. Does anyone know?

– Emil

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