At the artist’s request, the puzzling art sculpture Entropa which has embellished the atrium of the Council’s building since the start of the Czech Presidency has been taken down, sparking off its latest controversy. David Cerny took this decision as he no longer wanted to be associated with the Czech government which he claimed is lead by a crew of “pirates” including communists.

This is the end of the saga for a sculpture which has sustained the hullabaloo of diplomatic and aesthetic controversy and has sharply reminded us of how insolence (and art? I leave it up to you to make up your own minds) can sometimes win over politics.

Yet, I found another reason to enjoy Czech humour when looking for the candidates for the next Eurovision contest. “SuperGypsy” (aka Radoslav Banga) will represent the Czechs on Saturday with “Aven Romale” (Let’s go, Roma) – a song making a mockery of the racist prejudices against his minority. He’s dressed up as a super-hero ready to perform an operetta and vaguely reminds you of Freddy Mercury. Art and derision now seem to both make up part of the Czechs’ international reputation.

– Maxime

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