You’re on the bus on your way to work. You’re potentially running late. The bus feels like it’s inching its way forward, then it comes to a grinding halt, behind a garbage truck.

Now normally this would not be such a terribly annoying thing, outside of rush hours anyway. But when you look at your watch, like I did this morning, it indicated 08.57! I keep on being astounded by the fact that garbage collection in Brussels seems, more often than not, to take place during the morning or evening rush hour. How one can possibly argue the case for garbage collection during rush hour in a city that is already plagued by severe congestion in the first place, is beyond me.

Now, if I’ve missed something here, then please do correct me, because I am curious about this setup. Like so many other Brussels expats I’ve lived in couple of cities throughout my lifetime, and I’ve never experienced garbage collection (repeatedly) taking place during traffic peak times, adding to congestion, pollution levels and general traffic chaos!

– Emil

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