In a rare demonstration of a good oratory in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, British MEP Daniel Hannan, expressed in no weak terms what he thought of Gordon Brown’s response to the global financial crisis. Hanann’s speech went viral on Youtube on the evening he delivered it – on 24 March – in less than 24 hours it had attracted more than 630,000 views (at the time of writing that figure is close to 700,000!); a new entry on Hannan’s Wikipedia profile was created; over 75 hits are now displayed when searching for Daniel Hannan on; and last but not least, the Twittersphere is buzzing with tweets about his speech, its reach and its impact.

Naturally, this is not the first time we see a nice politics and technology combo, however it is most certainly the first time an MEP has reached close to 700,000 people in less than 72 hours.

Clearly, the times they are a-changing…

– Emil

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